AudioCodes Boss Admin Feature

This post demonstrates the use of the Boss Admin Feature with AudioCodes 420HD and 440HD



To use Boss/Admin or Delegates in Lync 2013 and Skype for Business (SfB) you must first setup the feature in the SfB Client.

  • On the Boss Account login to the SfB client go to tools -> Options
  • In the Call Handling section enable Simultaneous Ring and choose My Delegates028345fe9b
  • The call forwarding – Delegates box will pop up and allow you to add the new Admin
  • Click Add -> Choose your Delegates(Admins) and click OK

In my case Test Account 4 is the Boss and Test Account 5 is the Admin


  • Click ok in SfB Options


Immediately after pressing OK the Appearance will show on the phones.  Depending on which phone the user has will determine what view they will get.  It is recommended to use an Audio Codes 440HD.

AudioCodes Phone Views

Boss Phone view of Admin Line (Alan is the Boss and Mike D is the Admin


Boss Phone multiple Admins (Alan is the Boss and Mike and Brad are the Admins)


Admin Phone viewing Boss Line (Mike is the Admin for Allan)


***Notice the icon is different on the Boss phone and the Admin phone***



Call Status Monitoring


In this Audio Codes 440HD the status indicator changes, however no additional information of “in a call” is shown.



Inbound Calls

  • On the AudioCodes phones the Boss will be informed the call is ringing on the Delegate phone and the Delegate will be informed the call is for the boss.7d20140acc


  • When the call is answered the other Boss and/or Delegates (multiple delegates) will be notified of who answered the call.
  • If the call is answered by the Delegate and the call needs to be transferred to the Boss, AudioCodes phone support the transfer feature.
  • The last feature that can be used is call on behalf, this gives the delegates (Admins) the ability to place calls from the Boss phone number.



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