New Consult Transfer in SFB 2016 Client

This week I noticed a new icon in my Skype for Business client, consult transfer.  This is a major step and somewhat of a sticking point for clients.



Prior to this new update to the client the only way to do a consultative transfer from your Skype/Lync client was to use IM.  In most cases trying to explain to a client that you could simply IM the person you want to consult with was difficult.  There were/are many objections to this method even though you have presence and can see if someone is available or not.

Now with consult you can remove that sticking point.  To use simply answer a call hit consult and now you put the first caller on hold while making the call to the second person.

Step 1 – Press Consult  and enter the name or phone number of the person you are transferring to.

d8ae772ff1  and at the bottom right select consult dd4c6954e9

Step 2 – The person you are doing the consult transfer to answer and you have two call windows.  The original caller is placed on hold while the consult transfer conversation is occurring.


Step 3 – The consulted person accepts the call, you need to press the transfer key.  But where is it?  You’ll find it in the upper right corner of the active call window.  7014a69e1f

You’ll get a notification the transfer was successful


Step 3 – Alternative.  The consulted person does not want to accept the call.  Just use the “Back to Call” acf3eed4f3next to the transfer button to hang up and return back to the original call.  At that point you could do a conventional transfer to voicemail or take a message.

How do get it if the icon is not showing up in your client?

If you are not running the Office 365 Office 2016 client to run client you will likely not see this new option.  The latest available update for the MSI version of Office 2016 the February 2017 update.  This update does not show the consult option being added.


Furthermore, looking at my client, running CTR is

If you want the option you’ll want to switch to click to run and make sure you set your updates correctly.




2 thoughts on “New Consult Transfer in SFB 2016 Client

    1. It’s available in CTR. This is a quote from one of the MS pages “In order to see this consultative transfer feature users must be running a minimum Office 365 ProPlus build of 16.0.7766.2000 and later.”


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