Skype for Business Online Call Queues

Microsoft announced the release of Skype for Business Online Call Queue and Auto Attendant at Enterprise Connect.  I am really excited about these two options and wanted to test them out.  There are a few things to watch out for when building your call queues, I’ll go over how to set one up and lessons learned.

First things first, Call Queues route to users based on groups in Office 365.  I’ve noticed that you can use a distribution group in Exchange or a Group in Office 365.  I’ve tested both and they both seem to work with no issues.  Once you have your groups setup you’ll need to make sure you have a service number.  This is different than a user number, check out Matt’s blog here for gotchas around that.

Once you have a group and a service number you’re ready to start.

Login to the SFB Admin Center go to Call routing, and call queues


My configuration is setup in Hybrid, which is not supported, and you see a nice warning!


You’ll need a few pieces of information in order to configure your call queue.

  1. Name615f758a05
  2. Phone number (this is the service number you obtained as a prereq)
  3. Assign the domain
  4. Upload a greed if you want one, this can be MP3, WAV, WMA and must be less than 5MB
  5. Use default music on hold or add your own
  6. A group or distribution group





Next you’ll want to choose how to handle queue overflow and queue16fe9a1e9e timeout.  Options are a bit limited right now, you can transfer to a person (in SFBO), another Call Queue (nested call queues), or an Auto Attendant.  The number of calls in a queue can be set between 1 and 200, 200 being a hard limit.  Calls in queue can be set between 1 and 45 minutes before taking another action.  Also be aware that call distribution is simultaneous to all users in the distribution group, similar to how Attendant routing works in a response group.  This means if you are in the queue and you are on a call you’ll get a toast pop to answer the next call or simply ignore it and let someone else pick it up.






Hit save and you’re all finished, the call queue is available immediately.

One issue I’ve seen when testing is the toast pop in the Skype client is ugly.  Its the SIP URI of the call queue which isn’t configurable at this time.72ce66a78f

Using PowerShell you can see the SIP URI


From an AudioCodes 440HD phone the display is actually useful and shows the name of the call queue.ad369e6809




Hopefully this is useful when planning to use Call Queues in Skype for Business Online.

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