Skype for Business Online – Meeting Migration Service

Check out MMS on the Skype Operations Framework, link provided at the bottom.

Meeting Migration Service (MMS) is available in SFBO.  The meeting migration tool (MMT) is not required to be run by the user.

A few gotchas to watch out for.

Applies to :

  1. On-prem to Online migrations (Exchange Online required)
  2. Setting up Regionally Hosted Meetings
  3. Migration from ACP to Cloud PSTN Conferencing
  4. Enabling Cloud PSTN Conferencing

What to look out for:

  1. Its enabled at the tenant level, will affect all users
  2. Attachments to the meeting invite don’t get updated and will need to be re-added
  3. MMS will only update meetings created by SFB Outlook add-in or OWA

Organizer experience

  1. All non-expired SFB meetings will be automatically updated
  2. Transparent to the organizer
  3. Nothing in sent items showing meeting update was sent

Invitee experience

  1. Anyone who accepted or sent tentative acceptance will receive a “No Response Required”
  2. Anyone who declined the meeting will get a new meeting invite.

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