Polycom RealConnect Service in O365


This blog is to help clear up what the Polycom RealConnect Service is and is not.  Right now its in preview and additional features may come out.

What it is

  1. A video interop service for standards based video endpoints.  What this means is you can join a Skype for Business meeting from a Cisco CX20 by dialing an H.323 or SIP string.
  2. Adds info for interop to the Skype for Business Meeting, licensed per user.
  3. Similar to a service such as BlueJeans or Acano, but different in that it has backend integration to O365 and your Skype for Business Meetings.  This is huge when you think about implementation.  It takes a large sum of hours to implement something like BlueJeans, Pexip, and Acano.  With this service you simply pay for the licenses and enable the service.
  4. Assigned to a user, similar to PSTN Conferencing (each user organizing the meeting needs this)

What it is not

  1. A registration point for video endpoints (maybe this will come in the final release?
  2. A replacement for RealConnect on premise



Once the service is enabled and you have licensed the user who will be scheduling the meeting here is the user experience.

User Expierence

Check out the full webinar here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y_fkwEUlXe4&list=PLH5ElbTc1hWTsunfXvNVnDFCJCCzrL3R9

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