How do you do paging with CloudPBX?

**Update** – If you have Polycom phones they use a proprietary multicast signal and will not work with SNOM PA1.  Instead you can use Algo, here is a link to the solution, let us know if you need help implementing.

This post is to explain one potential way to page over phones and overhead speakers with CloudPBX.  This is NOT a Skype for Business online integrated solution, this means the Skype for Business client cannot do the paging.

What you’ll need

  1. Some AudioCodes phones, I’m using 440HD for testing
  2. A SNOM PA-1
  3. Overhead paging equipment


The AudioCodes phones can be setup to do multicast paging.  What this means is that all phones should be in the network and that network should not block multicast.  Once the phone is programmed for multicast and the paging button pushed your phone mic will turn on and you talk into it, because its multicast it sends the message in real time.  When done disconnect.  *WARNING* any multicast device setup in the multicast subnet and port will receive this message.  You wouldn’t want to configure your office phones for this and have overhead speakers in the office as well.  This is meant for office phones that need to be paged and you have a warehouse that has speakers.  I’ll show an alternative if this isn’t an ideal situation.

To get started program the AudioCodes phones.

  1. Login to the AudioCodes phone web interface as an admin.
  2. Go to Configuration –> Voice Over IP –> Services
  3. At the bottum you’ll want to enable paging.  *Note* if you want the page to interrupt the call you will want to enable “Barge-in”pic1
  4. Next configure the paging button, you can do this on the 440HD with the “Function Key”.  If you have a 420HD or a 450HD you’ll need to use the “Programmable Keys”. Go to Configuration –> Personal Settings –> Function Keys
  5. Program one of the keys for Paging.  Make special note of the “Paging Multicast” and “Paging Port”.  This is the network that multicast will be used on, DO NOT use a subnet that is in production such as  pic2.jpg
  6. Save and move on to the SNOM PA1

You’ll want to login to the SNOM PA1, if you don’t know the ip address of the SNOM PA1 you can connect it to headphones or speakers and press the button next to the LED’s.  The PA1 will announce the IP address over the speakers.

  1. Make sure you are running an updated firmware
  2. Go to Advanced. Login with your password, the default is “0000”.
  3. Next go to SIP/RTP –> Multicast and enter the same multicast address and port that was programmed on the AudioCodes Phonesnompa1.png
  4. Save and you are all set

This is the behavior when paging



Now for the alternatives.  If you didn’t want the phones to receive the page there is potential to setup multiple multicast such as and or change the port in increments of one.  Each phone would have a different multicast address or port and the SNOM would have all of those in its list.  This would allow for each phone to page the SNOM (the overhead speakers) but not page each other.  Obviously this is not scalable but in a small environment it will work.

This is a stop gap until someone creates a device that can hand off to analog FXO or FXS and register directly to the cloud.  Hoping that happens soon!

Hopefully this helps solve the paging problem today and keeps Skype for Business Online moving forward for you!

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